About Us

The organisation has the skill, resources, experience and strength to be an ideal subcontractor on large or small projects. The company has sought to provide a service which achieves the highest standards within our industry. We owe our success to the experienced management and supervision of our extremely efficient workforce.

The workforce, which is all UNITE, consists of varying degrees of skills from Technicians to Auxiliaries. Whenever required, we are able to supply Cable Engineers and Planners capable of controlling larger projects. This service has proved to be particularly cost effective to our clients, thereby alleviating the necessity of their permanent supervision. Giving the client the freedom to concentrate on other facets of the work. In short we provide a comprehensive service from concept to completion. CBL successfully tender for cabling projects involving a large range of industries including Power Stations, Petro-Chemical Plants, Drill & Production Ships, Onshore Oil & Gas Modules, Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms, Iron and Steel Works, Hospitals, Office Blocks, Motorway, Street Lighting, Tunnels and Railways.


CBL Cable Contractors Limited recognise that success, now and in the future, depends on it’s customer’s satisfaction and the calibre of it’s own people. The company ensures its workforce is able to meet the most demanding standards by providing continuous performance improvement training in management, safety, technical and operation skills. This results in a skilled, stable workforce and a customer base that comes from providing outstanding service backed by a policy of measurable guarantees.










Unit 25/Usworth Rd,
Hartlepool, TS25 1PD.
Telephone: +44 (0)1429 867 474
FAX: +44 1429 867 454
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