Every employee of CBL Cable Contractors Limited has a role to play in ensuring that these aims are achieved by acting with due regard to their own and others’ health and safety. Likewise, subcontractors will be expected to perform in a similar manner such that their own health and safety policy and that of CBL Cable Contractors Limited is not in jeopardy. For their part CBL Cable Contractors Limited will provide the resources to achieve this aim, so far as is reasonably practicable, but success will depend on the co-operation of the workforce and an understanding of the standards which have been set.

CBL Cable Contractors Limited will at all times endeavour to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and those acts and regulations applicable to its activities. Every effort will be made to set standards that are the highest achievable, consistent with efficiency and technical excellence. In order to achieve this goal, training, instruction, written procedures and monitoring systems are provided as well as consultation on matters relating to their health and safety at work.

The CBL Cable Contractors Limited Health and Safety organisation, individual responsibilities and arrangements are also set out in the health and safety manual, which form part of this health and safety policy. The company health and safety policy statement will be subject to continual review.

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